Executive Match Solution

In every cultural transformation project, change starts by leadership showing by example. Our Executive Match solution provides detailed insights into the concept of “Walking the Talk”.

Leaders often wonder where to start when the need for behavioural change pops up. “Where and how do I change my behaviour?”.

The concept of our Executive Match solution is based on evaluating leadership behaviour, not from a skills point of view, but from the point of view that leaders´ behaviour is an extremely powerful tool to show the way to the rest of the organisation.

The benchmark for the evaluation is the optimal culture set by a management team – which in itself is derived from what is the strategy of the organisation. It is all about aligning the different elements which make an organisation function well.

We provide insights into the degree to which leaders´ behaviour either enables or hinders realisation of the optimal culture within a leadership team

The analysis provides concrete insights on:

  • Are you “walking the talk”
  • What are the opportunities for improvement
  • How reliable is your self- image
  • Where do we find disagreements between how your peers/subordinates evaluate you
  • How does your self-assessment compare to the external view

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