Organisational Culture Tools

We offer two versions of our Hofstede Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture Scan (OCS). A “Pro” version and “Light”.


The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture is a strategic tool aimed at helping organisations to have a functional culture by visualising:

  • The actual culture in an organisation
  • Possible external restrictions limiting the optimal organisational culture
  • Hidden pain
  • The condition for change

The duration of the Pro version is 4-6 weeks and includes measurement and analysis. The internal change process can take about 2 years and depends on individual cases. A certified Hofstede Insights consultant will work with you throughout the whole process.

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The Organisational Culture Scan (OCS) Light is a light version of the Hofstede Multi-focus Model, which has been used by hundreds of organisations of all industries and sizes. It measures the culture of a group (organisation, team or business unit) through an online questionnaire.

A certified consultant from Hofstede Insights will spend up to 15 min. with you over phone or Skype to go through the report with you.

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