Milena Vegnaduzzo

Working everyday with people from all over the world I learned to change my mindset quickly. I will help you take off your cultural glasses to see things from a different perspective to enhance understanding, communication and collaboration with people and to boost your business to the next level.


In over 20 years of experience working as a sales and project manager for the language service providers sector, Milena gained unique insights on how to best communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, building trust and resolving conflicts. She is passionate about exploring new ways to inspire people to cooperate and work together with mutual respect and confidence, ultimately driving towards accountability and outcomes.

Her goal is to raise awareness of cultural differences as a winning professional skill that businesses can leverage as a competitive advantage in today’s globalized scenario. Focusing on intercultural communication she helps executives and organizations avoid cultural pitfalls in marketing and advertising, gain trust and engage in effective negotiations.

With this goal in mind, Milena gained her certification in Intercultural Management with Hofstede Insights and is an associate partner since 2019. She now delivers training to overcome cultural differences and focus workshops on specific countries.

Milena holds a degree in Classical Studies, and a Master in Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh and she studied and worked as a university researcher in several countries such as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and USA. She finally settled in Italy where she runs her own translation company.

She is interested in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience and she is currently preparing to become a professional mentor. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing golf, practising yoga and expressing her creative side in abstract paintings with bright colours and mixed media.

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Project management, Intercultural negotiation, Intercultural competence


Management, Translation


Intercultural Management

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Italy, UK


English, Italian, Spanish

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We organised two Cultural Trainings of Ms. Masako Kato. One training was short (but sweet) version with the focus on writing emails with Japanese colleagues. The other training was a full day and was attended by colleagues who travel to Japan or management positions. The first thing that struck me was the very high interest and attendance. All invitees were there and stayed. The training was very well received and colleagues made a point of emailing their positive feedback. The training did not only give a very good and practical understanding of working in and with the Japanese culture but did not leave it at that. It was a day of insight on cultures; our own culture and how we reacted to different cultures.Ms. Masako Kato is a very professional trainer. It is a joy to see her in front of a group. Her humor and very apt feeling for the group dynamics made her training very inspiring.

Marieke van Well in her position as HR Director at Mitsubishi caterpillar

I am grateful to have been Masako’s client. The insights that she had, and the connections she made between diverse topics I presented, were uncanny. She cut to the heart of the matter and brought a focus to our coaching. In just a few sessions I felt a huge difference and had real clarity on what I needed to do, and why. It was so much simpler, easier, and yet profound, all because of her gentle guidance. I was worried English as second language might hamper us, but instead found Masako’s command of subtle emotional and development language expressed what was going on more precisely than my own thoughts. You are lucky if Masako is your coach!

Paula McLeod in her position as an executive coach