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Organisational Culture Transformation

In-house solution

Design a culture that supports your strategy.

Our Organisational Culture Transformation package helps you uncover the culture you currently have and change it to give you the best opportunity for long-term success. It is a complete package for you if you want to:

  • Change the culture of your organisation
  • Understand the culture of your organisation better
  • Understand how people in your organisation relate to their work and the organisation
  • Find out what underlying causes or practices are creating issues in your organisation
  • Make sure the way of doing things in your organisation supports your goals
  • Align the culture of your organisation with your strategy
A 3 step approach

After the intake interview, where we define the specifics of the transformation process and co-create the plan to carry it out, the transformation process can be divided into three steps.

Step 1: Understand the culture you currently have

We measure the current culture of your organisation through an online survey and/or interviews. Based on the needs of your organisation, the data collection can be done through a fully automated online questionnaire, or accompanied by a set of personal interviews conducted on different levels of the organisation.

Step 2: See how far your culture is from what you need 

Your consultant will guide you through the process of defining the optimal culture for your organisation based on your strategy. Your consultant will then help you identify the areas where the current culture supports your strategy, and the areas where it hinders it.

Step 3: Design the transformation path

Your consultant will walk you through your options in transforming your culture towards the culture you need. You will learn how to implement direct change, indirect change, or a combination of both. Your consultant will also help you through the process of deciding the areas you want to focus your change efforts on.

Included elements

  • Intake interview to define the target for the transformation process and co-create the plan to carry it out

  • Organisational Culture Scan to measure the current culture of your organisation through an online survey and/or interviews

  • 3 Workshops to guide you through the transformation process every step on the way

  • Levers of Change report to support indirect cultural

  • Transformation by implementing these levers of change

  • Executive Match 360 survey & report to measure 360°of feedback of your management team and make sure management is aligned with your culture

  • 1 Subculture

Available elements
  • In-house "Culture Squad"

  • Certification

  • CEO coaching programme

  • Extra subcultures +

  • Consolidated reports

  • Project management +

  • Analysis

Designed for

Designed for companies who want to improve their collaboration, team alignment and communication.

Your facilitator

After the first assessment call, we will select a facilitator that fits your needs and profile.

With over 130 certified consultants in 60 countries, our highly selective network of culture and management consultants possess extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices, align working practices with strategic goals and help with creating organisations which have the Best Culture to Perform.

We will make sure to find the perfect fit for the needs of your team or organisation.

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Do feel free to contact us if you have any questions.