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Special course and tool offers, and information about culture in general

All of us receive a wave of irrelevant newsletters that generally aren’t what we thought we signed up for. So we want to make sure that, before you sign up to ours, you know what type of information we share.

In our newsletter, we send special course and tool offers, interesting information about culture in general, such as new research in the field which has practical application for businesses, announcements when we have reached milestones that we are especially proud of and want to share with those that might be interested to know about it, and of course information on our #TheCultureFactor event.

You will not receive a newsletter each week or each month; we will only send one when we have something especially interesting, and relevant to share. We strive to make our newsletter engaging and interesting. If this is ever not the case, please feel free to drop us an email at info@theculturefactor.com to let us know how the newsletter could be made more relevant.

As with all our services, we co-create with our clients and followers and we love to hear what you think so that we can create something better together.

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