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Join a highly selective group of culture and management consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators.

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With over 140 certified consultants in 60 countries, our highly selective network of culture and management consultants possess extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices, align working practices with strategic goals and help with creating organisations which have the Best Culture to Perform.

With proven cases from working with brands such as GE, Novartis, TUI, Unilever and many more, Hofstede Insights brings organisations from international presence to true global effectiveness.

In order to ensure the highest quality standard and fulfil the needs of our clients, our application process is extremely selective.

A Hofstede Insights consultant is a unique blend of consultant, trainer, coach, and sales professional. We require Associated Practitioners to:

  • possess strong didactical skills and be able to generate creative, innovative and practical ideas

  • have occupied higher management positions

  • have high standards of professionalism and intercultural empathy

  • have strong sales skills to do their own sales and assignment acquisitions

  • have lived and worked in at least two countries outside of their home country

  • be fluent in several languages, both written and verbally


In order to join us as an Associated Practitioner (AP), you need to successfully complete the certification programme in Intercultural Management and/or Organisational Culture. 

The objective of the Certification Programme(s) is to enhance your proficiency in our analytical approach by incorporating our knowledge, tools, concepts, methodologies, materials and mindset in your delivery approach.

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There are many benefits to becoming an Associated Practitioner.

  • Standard of excellence: Showcase to your clients that you are a member of an established international organisation that sets worldwide standards.
  • Connection to the masters and builders of the field.
  • Personal Branding
    • An email address
    • A profile on our website
    • Business cards
  • Everything you need to get started
    • Access to an unlimited virtual cloud
    • Access to selected software needed to create the material for your coaching/training
    • Access to our material archives (30 years of documentation cases and exercises)
    • Access to (training/workshop/ facilitation) material
    • Access to case studies and videos 
    • Access to a selection of online tooling (e-learning, surveys, etc..)
Peer learning and collaboration

We support the peer-learning and the exchange of ideas between our experts via

  • Support from a worldwide network of experts

  • Continuous peer learning

  • Monthly virtual events and exclusive Master Classes and certification programmes

  • Regular contributions to the field as we regularly support research projects

  • Involvement in the creation of tools and learning materials

  • Access to #TheCultureFactor conferences and selected events

Download the whitepaper
The 6-D Model is for sure one of the most comprehensive models to understand culture. Being able to claim myself as an expert on the 6-D Model and its application has given me a competitive advantage in the market of intercultural consultants. On top of that, Hofstede Insights offers the opportunity to join a large network of highly competent and experienced consultants, working already in the field. I have been working with Hofstede Insights for more than 6 years now and can highly recommend becoming an AP."

Michael Siller, Hofstede Insights

As a former researcher and professor of languages and linguistics, data quality is the most important thing to me and, for that reason, I decided to join Hofstede Insights. The model and its application allow me to provide clients with an apples-to-apples comparison of multiple cultures at once, which provides a competitive advantage in the market of intercultural consultants. On top of that Hofstede Insights offers the opportunity to join a large network of highly competent and experienced consultants already working in the field.I have been working with Hofstede Insights for more than 5 years now and highly recommend joining the programme.

Lisa DeWaard, Hofstede Insights

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