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About Hofstede Insights

We are a cultural analytics and strategy advisory with a global reach, comprising over 150 data technicians, communication and research professionals, and facilitators across more than 60 countries. With our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and core teams located in 12 countries, we are a diverse and minority-run organisation with over 35 years of experience in helping businesses transform their cultural challenges into success stories.

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Our Uniqueness

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to translate academic insights into practical solutions for organisations, based on a combination of behavioural modelling and facilitation skills. Founded with the support of one of the pioneers of cultural analytics, Prof. Geert Hofstede, in 1985, and thanks to ongoing partnerships with a range of academic institutions we continue to base our applications on solid academic foundations.

Our internal data engineers allow us to use advanced behavioural analytics and pattern recognition to visualise how culture influences emotional preferences, actual working practices, and the impact on strategy execution. Our global community of certified practitioners helps customers to utilise this data in making workforces more culturally aware and competent, ensuring ways of working that are both financially and emotionally sustainable.

Our Expertise

We excel in understanding the role of culture in mergers and acquisitions, diversity-equity-inclusion programmes, market entry strategies, marketing strategies, international consumer behaviour, psychological safety, International HR policies, increased innovation ability, better scalability, and more. Understanding how groups of people interact and the link to strategy is crucial in this field, and we have the expertise to help you succeed.

How We Do it

We start by understanding your unique needs and challenges, and we develop a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your goals. Our proven methods and tools include training, consulting, and coaching services, as well as online resources that you can use to improve your understanding of cultural differences and learn how to leverage them for success. We are here to help you overcome your cultural challenges and build a successful organisation.

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