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Cultural Competence Toolkit

In-house solution

Transform your approach to cultural awareness, diversity and competency.

The Cultural Competence Toolkit is crafted for leaders and HR professionals, providing them advanced resources and tools to independently oversee and handle the cultural dynamics within their team and broader organisation.

The Cultural Competence Toolkit allows you to:

  • Equip leaders and HR professionals with the tools they need to manage a culturally diverse workplace effectively and with respect.
  • Utilise the Culture Portal to conduct in-depth cultural assessments within your organisation.
  • Integrate cultural competence into your company's working practices through tailored onboarding practices and training initiatives.
  • Facilitate effective cross-cultural communication through improved cultural competence throughout your organisation.
Designed for

Leaders and HR Professionals.

Format and duration

Two-day face-to-face workshop or
Virtual workshop, four half-days

  1. Introduction to culture and the Culture Portal

  2. Culture Preferences (Culture Compass)

  3. Cultural Adaptability (Cultural Adaptability Profile)

  4. Combining individuals preferences into an effective team (Team Culture Scan)

  5. Mastering the Application
Tools & Platform

Through the Cultural Competence Toolbox, you'll get access to the following platform and tools:

  • Culture Portal
  • Team Scan
  • CAP
  • Culture Compass
  • eLearning

INHOUSE PACKAGE (6-20 participants)

  • designed to enable the initiation and facilitation of Culture Compass surveys, team surveys, and reports, as well as offer fundamental awareness courses
  • 16 000 - 24 000 € (depending on the level of customisation)


  • this option is likewise geared towards enabling the launch and facilitation of surveys and reports on the Culture Portal, along with offering fundamental awareness courses programme
  • 1800 € per person


  • As an available add-on, internal trainers have the option to choose a mentoring package that includes 2 hours of monthly virtual coaching/mentoring
  • 3600 € (6 months, per person)

For a detailed breakdown of the extra expenses associated with using the Culture Portal platform, please refer to our brochure.

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