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The Culture Factor Italy

Since 1995 we have offered our Italian and international clients the most valid and practical tools to effectively face the cultural and organisational challenges the current globalisation entails, using The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights) research-backed methodologies.

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The Culture Factor Italy (previously Hofstede Insights Italy) specialises in intercultural and organisational consulting, training, coaching and supports international organisations to increase their 
competitiveness on the global market. 

Thanks to their long experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market, The Culture Factor Italy (previously Hofstede Insights Italy) also offers Italian SMEs a range of services tailored to the particular needs of these companies.

Contacts: italy@hofstede-insights.com

Our Intercultural Services 

Our goal is to help customers work successfully on the global market, acquiring the necessary skills to understand, manage and collaborate with different cultures. We offer, in Italian or English, personalised coaching sessions and training programs for professionals, managers and executives working in multicultural contexts.

The setting of the programs is extremely flexible and designed to respond to the specific needs of the customer. Each course, centred around the 6 Dimensional Model of National Culture, is designed based on:

  • roles and tasks of the participants

  • participants national culture

  • different cultures of corporate interest

  • cultural issues the client wants to solve


The duration of the programs varies according to the different training objectives to enhance:

  • cultural diversity awareness to identify and prevent potential issues

  • cultural skills for managing multicultural working and business contexts

  • in-depth knowledge and intercultural «toolboxes» for managing specific situations (leadership, negotiations, team building, motivation, delegation, feedback ...)

Each program includes an individual self-assessment questionnaire, quick exercises and tailored  business cases.

Our Organisational Culture Consulting 

The Culture Factor Italy offers a structured approach to measure, analyse and align organisational culture to corporate strategies; The Multi-Focus Model. Based on a three-step process, the Model is a unique practical tool that helps you determine the actual organisational culture and compare it with the optimal culture that the strategic objectives require, in order to identify the necessary actions to shape corporate processes, policies and management styles.

The Multi-Focus Model supports our customers when important organisational changes are needed, such as in mergers and acquisitions or during change management processes. In our global world, considering intercultural factors and skills is also crucial to design a successful organisational culture. 
Contact us to discover what The Culture Factor Italy (previously Hofstede Insights Italy) can do for you and your organisation.

Our Experts in Italy

Anna Paola Simonetti

Graduated in Classics, Anna Paola worked for many years in IBM Italy, in various organisational areas: communication, marketing, training, and as interpreter at the EU Commission and Council in Brussels. Since 1992 she has worked as a business consultant, trainer and coach.. In 1995 she began her collaboration with itim International (today the Culture Factor Group): as intercultural management expert, she works in Italy and abroad for the most important Italian and international companies and collaborates with the main Italian universities. Anna Paola is a professional coach accredited by the Italian School of Coaching. In 2010 she founded the consulting company Si.Ma. with Maurizio Manetti, based in Milan. In 2014 she edited and translated the text "Cultures and Organisations'' by G. Hofstede, G.J. Hofstede and M. Minkov, published by FrancoAngeli. More recently she edited and translated “Negotiate like a local” by J.P. Coene and M. Jacobs.

Maurizio Manetti

Graduated in Economics, he held professional and managerial positions at IBM both in the Information Systems Department and in Personnel Department, in Italy and abroad. In 1986 he was appointed Resources Director for Data General Italy and then, for almost twenty years, he was part of the Mediobanca Group as Services Central Director in Compass and other Group companies. With Anna Paola Simonetti, he founded Si.Ma Consulting in 2010 and he is involved mainly in organisational and managerial training projects. As manager of The Culture Factor Italy, he supports clients in measuring organisational efficiency. From 2011 to 2015 on behalf of the Economy and Finance Ministry and the Bank of Italy, he was President of the OAM, Body of Agents and Credit Brokers. Maurizio works with major Italian and international companies as a consultant, trainer and coach, accredited by the Italian School of Coaching.

I was looking for a course that offered a structured and methodical approach to the multicultural relationship, and in the courses offered by Hofstede Insights Italy (Now The Culture Factor Italy)I found just what my nature as an engineer was looking for! The clear, structured path gives the trainees a method to deal with every situation in multicultural contexts.

S. Gecchele, Bending Product Unit Manager at Prima Power

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