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The Culture Factor Japan

When non-Japanese companies operate in Japan or cooperate with Japanese companies, they face many cultural challenges. The Culture Factor Group Japan (previously Hofstede Insights Japan) provides extensive knowledge on how you can be successful in Japan.

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We supports companies, non-profit organizations and universities operating in Japan. Japan is known as its unique culture, as indicated by the fact that no other country has a similar pattern of scores seen in the Index of National Culture. When non-Japanese companies operate in Japan or cooperate with Japanese companies, they face many cultural challenges. We can provide extensive knowledge on how you can be successful in Japan.

Our Intercultural Services 

The Culture Factor Japan (Hofstede Insights Japan) offers programs to increase your cultural intelligence, whether you are in your first overseas role or are a seasoned global professional looking to strengthen your intercultural leadership skills.


For more information, please visit our website or contact us.
https://hofstede.jp/ (Japanese page)
https://hofstede.jp/en/ (English page explaining program line-up and contact information)

Our Experts in Japan

Yasushi Watanabe

- Representative Managing Director, Senior Facilitator

Yasushi is the CEO of Caeru Inc, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation, and also one of the board members of Hofstede Insights Japan, supporting various Japanese companies with issues in organization and talent development.

Yasushi has a background working as a project manager at BCG. During 4 years of experience at BCG, he was involved in a wide variety of projects in global & domestic marketing, PMI, business portfolio management, and organization development. Profound knowledge of industrial goods, auto, and high-tech industries.

Prior to BCG, 6 years experience in marketing & sales at Sony, including 2.5 years experience to work in the UK. The experience of culture shock in the UK is one of the big reasons why he is working as an associated practitioner of The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights).

Yasushi has a master degree in media and governance at Keio University.

Yasushi Watanabe
Mary Ann Jorgensen

- Senior Facilitator

Mary Anne has a passion to support leaders and teams to develop their strengths and create a culture of engagement. Her cross-cultural experience, working over 25 years with global professionals across Asia Pacific, informs her focus on dialogue as a key to unlock the possibilities of individuals, teams and organizations.  

Clients share appreciation for the special energy MaryAnne brings to each engagement. As individuals gain a deeper understanding of self and others, they see cultural challenges and opportunities through new lenses and are able to more deeply connect. She is known for making a difference to clients who want to flex their communication approach, increase emotional intelligence and strengthen multicultural teams.

Mary Anne is certified in Intercultural Management with The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights) and is an accredited practitioner of MBTI and Lumina Spark. She holds a BA in East Asian Studies from Stanford University and works in English and Japanese. She has a strong interest in supporting women in leadership and is the Chair of the ACCJ Kansai Women in Business Committee and President of Foreign Executive Women (FEW) Kansai.

MaryAnne Jorgensen
Andrew Robinson

- Senior Facilitator

In the twenty-eight years Andrew has lived in Japan, he has worked in various areas — academics, business-executive training, teaching project management courses and most recently in information technology. In almost all cases, this work was with multicultural teams and in culturally diverse environments. At university in the United States, his dual majors were in Western Literature and History, with minors in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. Over his career in Japan he has worked in a variety of business environments, ranging from large multinational corporations to small start-ups.

In addition to being certified as an Associated Practitioner by The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights), Andrew has received training in other human capital methodologies like Lumina Learning, Human Synergistics and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), as well as IT-related certifications in various cloud systems, DevOps, Agile workflow design and for Google and Apple systems administration.

Andrew Robinson

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