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The Culture Factor Africa

We serve private and public sector organisations all over the continent through a network of local resources using globally renowned models, methods, and tools in the field of culture

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In 2019,  The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights) officially launched its presence in Africa with a Regional Office in Lagos, Nigeria. The company has since expanded its operations to Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Senegal through commercial partnerships with other firms. We now serve private and public sector organisations all over the continent through a network of local resources that use its globally renowned models, methods, and tools in culture.


We help organisations build a functional culture that aligns with their strategic goals using the Multi-Focus ModelTM on Organisational Culture.
We offer the following services:

  • Consulting services
  • Training and certification courses:
    • Organisational Culture Certification

    • Cultural Executive Ownership (C.E.O) course

    • Corporate Culture Ambassador Training

Our Intercultural Services

We offer an Intercultural Management (ICM) certification programme, exclusively designed for consultants and managers. Our main goal is to help people from different national cultures learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our Research and Data Analysis

We continuously engage in research and analysis to improve what we do in the field of culture in Africa. Furthermore, since 2021, we have focused a significant part of our research on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) - an area where discrimination currently thrives, and our work in organisational and national cultures could immediately help.

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Our Experts in Africa

Dr Okey Okere

Okey is the Managing Partner of The Culture Factor Africa (previously Hofstede Insights) in Africa. He is an experienced Knowledge Services Professional with over 20 years of experience. In addition to his expertise in Organisational Culture and Intercultural Management, his Management Consulting competencies include Business Analysis, Strategy, Finance, Credit/Risk Analysis and Investment Research & Advisory. He has delivered consulting and training services for clients in Africa and Europe.

Michael Davids

Michael is a knowledge Services Professional and Management Consultant with significant experience in Organisational Culture Transformation, Change Management, and Intercultural Management. He is an Organisational Culture Expert and has delivered Organisational Transformation services to several leading African organisations.

Michael Davids
Nayo Ugoh

Nayo is a culture consultant and a certified Personal and People Transformation Coach with over 25 years of corporate services experience spanning Client Engagement, Media communications, broadcasting, Mining, Oil & Gas, and several other sectors. She has championed the design and implementation of several Culture, Technology, Organizational Development and People initiatives to create impactful value-add for Organisation's bottom line.

Nayo Ugoh
Merel Scholman-Onyechi

Merel is a language and culture expert with extensive experience in research, consulting, and teaching environments. She has a strong background in multicultural communication, earned during her experience living in the US, UK, Germany, Kenya, and Nigeria. She spends her time between Lagos and the Netherlands, working as Assistant Professor in the Netherlands and consulting with companies on various initiatives.

Merel Scholman
Funmilola Oludumila

Funmilola has over 10 years of experience across Financial Services, e-commerce, and management consulting. She is currently a practising consultant in leadership, culture, and teams. Funmilola is a certified Organisational Culture and PRINCE2 Practitioner and has engaged in several client engagements in Nigeria and Europe.

Jumoke Aleoke-Malachi

Jumoke Aleoke-Malachi (JAM), as she is fondly called, is a seasoned Human Resources and practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade. She interfaces with CEOs, HR Leaders and Hiring Managers on all issues concerning the HR function, with Talent Management, Career Development, Emotional Intelligence, Learning, Organisational Culture, Agile Mindset, and Employee Engagement being her core. Her people experience cuts across Consulting, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Media and FinTech.

Jumoke Aleoke-Malachi
Ajoke Baruwa

Ajoke is a certified Organisational Culture Practitioner and seasoned HR practitioner with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in various sectors such as advertising, technology, construction, earth moving machinery and HR consulting. Her areas of expertise include Learning and Development, Strategic HR Management, Talent Management and Expatriate Management. Over the years, she has been involved in the successful set up of HR systems and practices for small businesses.

Ajoke Baruwa

Our Trusted partners



l l Laurendeau & Associates

Making our services available to organisations in Ethiopia

Leaders in emerging markets don’t lack vision, especially as it relates to digital. However for their vision to become a reality, they face a gap between strategy and execution. L&A fills that gap through trusted, tailored, and innovative advisory services.


PAC-logo-01 Priority Activator Consulting

Making our services available to organisations in Kenya.

PAC advisors help African SME’s and Corporate Institutions to Maximize their performance. With a rich combination of experiences with Government, SME, Non-Government and Corporate sectors.



Growth Hub Ghana

Making our services available in Ghana

The Growth Hub was established in 2020 to provide the needed skills for effective sales and leadership drive in the banking, financial and small scale enterprise sectors.



SDM Asset Management & Consulting

SDM Asset Management & Consulting offers a wide range of management consulting services, focusing on improving performance that elevates organisations to the next entrepreneurial level, encouraging local empowerment, and providing opportunities to previously disadvantaged professionals.


In early 2020, I attended Hofstede Insights' (now The Culture Factor Africa) Intercultural Management (ICM) training and other international assignees in our Bank before resuming a new position outside Nigeria. During the course, Dr Okey Okere gave us many valuable tips on adjusting to living in a foreign country and working with people from other national cultures. In a way, it was like he was a "prophet"! I experienced virtually all the challenges he predicted I would face based on the analysis of my Culture Compass™ results and other information derived from the Hofstede 6-D™ model. Without the benefit of this training, I probably wouldn't have lasted more than three months in my new position abroad. The training helped me anticipate the culture shocks that I eventually faced. It also helped me develop strategies for adjusting to my new environment and colleagues quickly. I recommend this course not just for anyone thinking of working or living in other countries, but also for the international colleagues assigned to work with them.

Uche Iwobi (First Bank Nigeria)

We were interested in understanding the specific reasons why certain valued employees found it difficult to continue to work with us, even though several others continued to thrive and grow with us. We were also interested in defining a culture that would separate us from our peers, enabling us to build a law firm that would be recognised and respected across Africa. The results of your organisational scan, using your Multi-Focus Model™, methodically confirmed and analysed the issues that we felt were hindering the achievement of our goals. Furthermore, your Levers of Change™ report gave us specific advice on action steps that we can take.

Wale Irokosu (Probitas Partners)

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