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Hofstede Insights India

A high growth market in a diverse country such as India requires highly contextualized solutions.  

With a deep understanding of the Indian business environment, Hofstede insights India brings to its Indian clients the global offerings of Hofstede Insights, tailored to Indian business context. 

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Since its inception in late 2020, Hofstede Insights India has successfully engaged with a variety of organizations across multiple sectors. These range from small startup to large Indian and multinational companies. The customer solutions included transforming company culture to bring in innovation, agility and alignment with changing strategic objectives, as well as building a boundaryless cross broader team, enhancing cross-cultural awareness, or fostering DEI.


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Our Organisational Culture Consulting 

Hofstede Insights Italy offers a structured approach to measure, analyse and align organisational culture to corporate strategies; The Multi-Focus Model. Based on a three-step process, the Model is a unique practical tool that helps you determine the actual organisational culture and compare it with the optimal culture that the strategic objectives require, in order to identify the necessary actions to shape corporate processes, policies and management styles.

The Multi-Focus Model supports our customers when important organisational changes are needed, such as in mergers and acquisitions or during change management processes. In our global world, considering intercultural factors and skills is also crucial to design a successful organisational culture. 
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Our Expert in India

Akhilesh Mandal

“People side of Business is as critical and differentiating in determining the success or failure of a business, as the core business strategy itself” – has been the primary learning of Akhilesh in his diverse business experience. And the same learning became the driving force of his success in the last decade of his consulting services in building high-performance leaders and organisational culture.

An engineer by education followed by extensive business management training, Akhilesh is an ICF and TLC accredited Coach as much as he is certified in Intercultural Management and Organisation Culture by Hofstede Insights and is now the managing director of Hofstede Insighst India.

The analytics of our culture detailing our strengths and weaknesses, and facilitating a process to help us decide which areas we really needed to work on was very helpful. The data-driven, customer-in-the-loop approach not only gave us confidence to move forward, but it also shifted the ownership of change implementation to us.

CEO of an Indian IT Company

The cross-cultural awareness workshop was an eye opener. I think I know now why we failed to gain the trust of one of our customers.

Vice President of an Indian conglomerate

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