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Transforming intercultural and organisational challenges into business success stories and translating academic research into powerful actions.

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The Culture Factor Group (previously known as Hofstede Insights) has spent over 30 years helping some of the world’s largest organisations transform their intercultural and organisational challenges into business success stories and translating academic research into powerful actions.


The Culture Factor MENA based in Dubai, UAE offers high-quality expert services and solutions in the field of culture and management based on academic research and a wealth of practical experience.

This has resulted in our position as a leader in organisational culture and cultural management, as well as over 15 years experience in employee survey creation and management.

The Culture Factor MENA provides the full range of culture analytics and transformation programs and certification delivery along with all tool and survey sales and support for the whole Middle East including GCC countries and the North Africa region.

Our expertise includes:

  • OC
  • Supporting better functioning multinational teams
  • Optimised structures that perform across regions
  • Developing global-minded leaders
  • Supporting global BD, marketing and sales functions to perform more effectively in new markets and regions

The MENA team is committed to providing quality service and solutions whilst ensuring organisations and consultants throughout the region have access to the latest thinking, research and tools.

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Our Intercultural Services 

We offer the full suite of The Culture Factor Group (previously known as Hofstede Insights) intercultural management solutions, services and tools, and our team is experienced in delivering services in person or virtually. We can translate complex challenges into practical solutions and improve organisational effectiveness amid diverse cultural backgrounds.  Our consulting and training programmes in this respect are highly customised to fit your specific context.

Workshops, trainings or keynote speeches are tailor-made for each situation and client. 
Please contact us at dubai@ hofstede-insights.com. 

Our Organisational Culture Consulting 

The Culture Factor Group Multi-Focus Model is a highly practical, data-based tool, to measure, analyse and align your organisational culture with your strategy. Together we identify the gaps between the actual culture and the one defined for your organisation and implement the transformations needed to develop the culture that serves your strategy best.

Each organisational culture intervention is tailor-made to your specific context.

For more information please contact us at dubai@hofstede-insights.com.

Our Experts in the MENA region

Peter Gryko

As Senior Partner of  The Culture Factor MENA, Peter empowers organizations to develop functional corporate culture, where people operate in synergy one with another making the company’s mission - a reality. Everything he does is about unlocking the existing organizational potential through utilising data and predictive analytics to identify the appropriate levers of change. His area of expertise is Organisational Culture, Change and Cultural Transformation, he also takes advantage of The Culture Factor Group Intercultural Management and Leadership Development tools.
Known for his excellence in building and executing change strategy, Peter played critical roles in numerous cultural transformation projects within organisations from multiple industries across Europe (e.g., Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Greece) and the Middle East (UAE, KSA). 

Wassim Karkabi

Wassim Karkabi is the Managing Partner of The Culture Factor MENA, and a certified Associated Practitioner. He is a shareholder and Managing Partner at a number of other firms including Stanton Chase, a Forbes top 10 ranked Leadership firm, ActionCOACH, the world's no.1 Business Coaching firm, as well as other more local organisations, in the Middle East.

Wassim Karkabi is a seasoned Leadership & Culture subject matter expert and has successfully advised a variety of international and regional organisations on their strategic, leadership and cultural concerns in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States. He coaches CEOs, Board Members, and Executive Teams on Leadership and Effectiveness across cultural dynamics.
He is a member of the International Coach Federation and a Certified Executive and Business Coach. 

Our MenaBev-Pepsi/Saudi is a “fast moving consumer goods” company, sharp, competitive and dedicated to growth. However, with the winds of change hitting us from so many angles, it was time to reconsider “how” we worked together as a team with the clear aim of solidifying our performance. This was where Hofstede Insights provided us with great support. Your methodology, workshops and hands on approach, helped us better appreciate our strengths and the findings certainly clarified our opportunities. I believe that we now have the tools to continue to develop and evolve our company culture to become a great place to work.

Talal El Khalil, CEO, MenaBev

I really enjoyed the Ambassador programme. The course itself was intense and very practical. The lecturer really knew what he was talking about. After the course I pointed out the issues to my team and explained the report to them, and what we could do about it. This got me so much interested in Culture I signed up for the Certification course.


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