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The Culture Factor USA

Providing customized solutions that increase awareness of cultural differences and practical strategies to prepare YOUR team for global markets

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“On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

- Thomas Jefferson

We often quote the Founding Fathers in our country, and Thomas Jefferson is quoted more than most. But is this position universal? The answer is no: many cultures have a different approach to the principles that guide us through life. At The Culture Factor USA (previously Hofstede Insights USA) we use proven analytics to help you bridge cultural differences on global teams and set you up for success in the international arena.

We are often asked questions like the following:


  • Why do many of our international colleagues not speak up in our team’s virtual meetings?
  • Why are escalations so common in some countries?
  • Why is it so difficult to use Matrix Management and Agile in many countries?
  • Why is transparency not a value everywhere?


We could add hundreds more questions to this list. There is hope, however; many of the solutions to these issues are quite simple. The key to solving these problems lies in understanding why they occur in the first place. That’s where we come in. The Culture Factor USA provides consulting services that create awareness of why we work so differently and offers insights into solutions that can unlock the power of cultural diversity within your organization.


Our Intercultural Services

We provide customized solutions for groups of all sizes. With more than 150 consultants living and working in 60+ countries, we have the size and scale for large projects and the personal touch necessary for small companies. At The Culture Factor USA (previously Hofstede Insights USA), we offer five stages of intercultural consulting:
Stage One:
A two-hour overview of the basics of cross-cultural work. Virtual session. Add-ons include Culture Compass and e-learning.
Stage Two:
A four-hour workshop on the Six Dimensions of National Culture (6D) and the co-creation of working practices for the team that address differences and highlight synergies. Can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. Add-ons include the Culture Compass and e-learning.
Stage Three:
An eight-hour workshop on the 6-D, including case study analysis, co-creation of working practices, and how the 6-D can be used to diagnose cultural issues. Can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. Add-ons include customized case studies, the Culture Compass and e-learning.
Stage Four:
A three-day face-to-face intensive workshop into the 6-D including case study analysis, the use of the 6-D for diagnosing and solving cross-cultural issues, strategies for working well together virtually, an analysis of the team’s current work practices and a reflection exercise to determine establishment of agreed-upon working practices. Add-ons include customized case studies, the Culture Compass, e-learning, Team Scan.
Stage Five:
We can customize any of our programming to your needs. Need a weekend retreat to take a deep dive into cross-cultural awareness? We can do that. Want a recurring onboarding module that shares the basics of working across borders? No problem. Let us know what you need and we will put a program together that meets those needs.

In addition to group workshop needs, we also provide a range of one-on-one coaching services:

CEO Executive Ownership Coaching Package:
The CEO program is a fully tailored exclusive coaching program designed for C-suite executives. This program can be offered at the group level as well.

Global Mobility Package:
A multi-step preparation for outbound expats. Uses our tooling to determine general readiness, areas where long-term coaching may be needed, assists with creating realistic expectations. Can also be offered to the spouse/partner.

Trust Package:
An in-depth look at the level of trust within a team including a workshop on how to build/rebuild trust.

For more information, pricing, or to schedule a free call, please contact us at usa@theculturefactor.com


Our Organizational Culture Consulting

Organizations have lives and personalities of their own and these often reflect the cultures of where they were organized. But how do you manage growth as you expand into other regions? How do you design a culture that is truly global? It may be time to review the working practices of your company. We offer organizational culture consulting services that take you through the organizational development process. As with all of our services, we base our recommendations on our proprietary data analytics. These powerful tools compare your organization to others to give you an idea of where you stand out, what has worked in your industry (and what hasn’t), and help you achieve the optimal culture to meet your goals. We have already helped over 5000 groups with their organizational culture needs. We can help you, too.

Unlike many programs that try a one-size-fits-all approach to organizational culture, we take the time to get to know you and develop a custom plan to position your company to grow in sustainable ways. We also provide a blended plan of organizational and cross-cultural solutions to ensure that the rollout of the new culture is localized properly for each regional and/or country office.

For more information, pricing, or to schedule a free call, please contact us at usa@hofstede-insights.com.

Our Experts in The USA

Lisa Dewaard

Lisa DeWaard is the Managing Director and CEO of The Culture Factor USA. Lisa has been working in the field of cross-cultural communication for almost 20 years, first as a linguist in the academic sector, then later as an Associated Practitioner at The Culture Factor Group (previously Hofstede Insights) in September of 2017. Lisa is certified in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture and uses her various areas of expertise to help businesses achieve success in the international realm. She is a specialist in Russia, Italy, Spain, and Latin America and speaks Russian, Italian and Spanish.


Kirk has a bachelor’s degree in French and a Master’s in Psychology.  He spent 20 years in his first career in psychology, most of which he worked as a family therapist in private practice.  He now brings his extensive experience with people and the way human systems function to the arena of international business and cultural consulting.

Kirk is a native of the United States, but he has lived in Germany and speaks four languages. 

Kirk McDermott

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