Christian Erfurth

Christian Erfurth

Christian has focused his consultancy on the internationalisation of companies and people. He offers a unique insight into strategy, management/leadership, marketing, HR in the intercultural context. His workshops have a high lively engagement.


With his Swedish/German background, he has for the last 3 years spend more time with Nordic/German working relationships. A new area has been the public sector, supporting people involved in the cultural part of the integration of immigrants into the Swedish society.

Christian lived in Malaysia in 1974/75. Since then he has been back to the region on 30 occasions and has conducted 40 workshops in Intercultural Management from India to Japan. His focus over the years has been on Scandinavian/Nordic and German companies and their activities in Europe, east and west. With eight cousins in former East Berlin he has a great understanding of the background of the people in East and Central Europe.

Thanks to his extensive work over 30 years with IKEA and Tetra Pak he has had the opportunity to follow two of the more interesting MNC in the world. Two companies with a distinct corporate culture manoeuvring in the global world. As an example, he has been working with IKEA when they opened their stores in Russia, China and Japan.

With many of his clients he has been involved in more than 30 global executive management programs over the years. Not only using his expertise in Intercultural Management but also his knowledge of strategy, management/leadership, marketing and HR.

Being the first associate partner in Hofstede Insights in 1986 he has had the pleasure to work with Hofstede’s 6-D Model for many years. As his focus is on Intercultural Management, he has intensively worked with the 7th Mental Images, illustrating the link between 31 organisational/management issues and culture. The last 15 years he has also used different tools to help his clients to understand their adaptability for working in the intercultural context.

This work has helped Christian’s clients to see themselves on an individual level, on a company level with their businesses, strategy and manage/leadership level and what actions they have to take to manage in the complex intercultural world. Over the last 30 years he still meets participants from the past, still remembering the insights they got from the workshop a long time ago.

Prior to 1984 when he met Geert Hofstede and joined Hofstede Insights in 1986, he worked as a lecturer in International Business, Lund University. He was also since 1973 travelling extensively to Asia to support Swedish companies in the region. For many years he organised workshops with a colleague in International Marketing and Sourcing.

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