Chris Organ

Christopher Organ

Christopher Organ is driven by a desire to make every strategy executable, supporting executives to forge new paths, build trust and productivity in teams, and building working partnerships that cross organisational and geographical boundaries.


Christopher Organ is an advisor to business leaders, helping organisations to navigate change and improve their strategy execution. Chris has helped some of the world’s largest organisations expand, innovate and unlock their potential. 

Chris is renowned for his whole-of-business approach to change exploring how goals can be achieved through functional improvements, technology, culture, leadership and people. Chris strives to build positive and inclusive environments experiencing first-hand the enormous impact investing in collaborative relationships, culturally tuned teams and global-minded people can have on transformation.

Chris is passionate about supporting people through change and works as a mentor and coach to transformation leaders, teams and those making the transition from technical to leadership roles. Chris has coached people in elite sport, start-up and technology businesses and utilities.

Chris has led change programmes across geographies for global organisations and delivered projects in Australia, New Zealand, Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Chris’s experience crosses multiple sectors including Medical Devices, Utilities, Health, Government, Logistics, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Military, Sport and Technology. 

With over two decades of experience, a practising Business Architect and formal qualifications in Programme Management, Chris's expertise is further enhanced by a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Business and Management from Curtin University. Notably, he is an Associated Practitioner of Hofstede Insights, holding certifications in both Organisational Culture and Intercultural Management. 

He is also a member of several professional communities, including Business Architecture. In his spare time Chris enjoys spending time with his family, and is a dedicated road and mountain bike enthusiast.

Other certifications

  • Adv. Dip Project Management
  • MSP® Managing Successful Programmes
  • IDEO Design Thinking

Expert in

Project Management, Change Management, Culture Change and Transition


Health, Finance and Insurance, IT and Telecommunications, Management


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

Australia, China, Malaysia



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As an entrepreneur, I understood the strategy I wanted the business to pursue but I wanted to make sure that the organisation I was establishing was fit for purpose. It’s not just about hiring talent people, it’s about the business structure and systems and what you want people to do rather than technology. I really enjoyed working with Chris who had multiple tools and models to support the design of the organisational culture and architecture to deliver on the strategy. I recommend the process to any business owner or leader to ensure you can deliver your strategy.

Katherine Teh, Founder & Strategist, TEH&CO

This world leading trial relied on the development of brand new capabilities at a scale not yet attempted by our team. Futureprojex partnered with us to undertake detailed project scoping and implementation planning and set up an ‘agile’ delivery model which included new technology development skills sets. The new operating model we established to deliver this project is still being used successfully to deliver our award winning ‘Future Networks’ innovation program.

Brendan Hampton, Head of Strategy, South Australian Power Networks

Engaging Chris was one of the smartest decisions our organisation has ever made. Their step-by-step change strategy was designed to be implemented not by Chris and his team, but by our own. This empowered and galvanised our staff and resulted in a supercharged lift of our business.

Andrew Fullgrabe, CEO