David Morley

Developer of global-minded leaders, teams and businesses.


David is the head of the consulting firm Ponte Valle. He is an internationally recognised developer of global-minded leaders, teams and organisations, and has over twenty years of experience in:

  • helping to define the best strategy and culture for organisations and teams to perform
  • creating collaborative and winning teams in domestic and global settings
  • developing potent and engaging leaders who succeed locally and globally

As an in-demand facilitator, coach and consultant, he is known for his ability to get good results in complex environments through the use of a practical and eclectic approach. Projects have ranged from establishing global project teams, supporting mergers and acquisitions and the creation of joint ventures, creation of global and country-level strategy, optimising the way matrix organisations work, and mediation in a global context.

David’s experience is drawn from working in international roles with both French and US-headquartered organisations, and across industries as diverse as aerospace, cybersecurity, logistics, electronics, transportation, car rental, mining and resources, insurance, and government. He has led & delivered projects all of the above in countries such as France, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.


  • 2015 Engagement Conference - Engage through Change (Keynote)
  • 2016 Disrupt HR - Making Expatriation More Like Chocolate than Cabbage!
  • 2017 Disrupt HR - The Anglo Trust Myth
  • 2017 Hofstede Insights Conference - Global Engagement with Impact (break out session)
  • 2019 Hofstede Insights Conference - Playing with Culture (break out session)
  • 2019 Corruption Prevention Conference - Culture & Corruption (Keynote)
  • 2019 NSW Government Conference - Leading to Engage

Expert in

Organisational leadership, Culture change and transition, Intercultural competence


Government and Supranational, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Consulting


Intercultural Management Certification Programme, Organisational Culture Certification Programme, Consumer Culture Intelligence

Worked and lived in

Australia, France


English, French

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David offers a very useful survey which maps your personal values system against those of other cultures. I would recommend this to anyone relocating to another country or working with people from another culture. Combined with David's expert feedback I have gained real insight and practical tools to dealing with the the 'culture' change. As a third culture kid, it has even greater meaning. Thank you David!

I've been working with David over the past year (2012-2013) on change management projects. David is an inspiring person because of both his impressive interpersonal communication skills and his understanding of organisational change management. I've learnt a lot from him as he is always willing to share his experience.

Even under pressure, David knew how to adapt to the audience to deliver the right message. He organised the Thales HR convention during his consulting mission in France by coaching top management, organising workgroups, managing the event and animating it (more than 400 participants)in a multicultural context. He made it a successful event.

So far the best consultant I have been working with