Dawn Sweany

Dawn Sweany

Dawn is a seasoned executive with an extensive background in Human Resources and Training and Development across diverse organizations, both public and privately held. Dawn transcends conventional norms in her strategic guidance, aligning results seamlessly with organizational strategy.


Dawn's expertise extends beyond transactional HR roles; she takes pride in being a strategic business partner. For her, HR is a proactive force actively driving initiatives contributing to overall organizational success. Her approach is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the business, ensuring HR strategies dynamically align with the company's cycles and objectives.

Known for her energy and tireless dedication, Dawn is more than a consultant; she acts as a catalyst for transformative change. Her commitment to excellence blends strategic foresight, cultural acumen, and motivational leadership to create an environment where teams not only meet but exceed business objectives. In the realm of startups, she ensures they navigate challenges to emerge as industry trailblazers.

Dawn’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the business, allowing her to align HR strategies with the dynamic cycles of the company. By forging a strong connection between HR and business objectives, she ensures that initiatives not only meet compliance standards but also actively support and enhance the organization's growth and strategic direction. She is committed to fostering an environment where people thrive, and where HR is a key driver of business success.

Dawn's international experience spans countries like Canada, the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Norway, Kazakhstan, Germany, Cuba, and Kurdistan. Beyond geographic diversity, her passion lies in inclusivity. While Dawn recognizes the importance of diversity in the workforce, her true commitment is to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and included—an environment where success thrives on the richness of diversity.

Dawn understands that success is not solely measured by professional accomplishments but also by the positive impact one can make in the lives of others. Her dedication to the Special Olympics reflects a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of inclusivity and the boundless potential that lies within every individual, regardless of background or ability.

Honours and awards

  • Wiley Everything DiSC
  • Wiley The Five Behaviors
  • Blanchard Situational Leadership

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Leadership development, Intercultural competence, Global expansion strategy


Human Resources, Executive Management


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

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Dawn has an excellent understanding of the audiences she supports and knows how to communicate with them. She’s straight forward and creates much more effective communication within the organization.

Well Servicing

Dawn had an excellent grasp of the business side of the organization and the ability to grasp how to communicate and problem-solve with various personalities in the company. She is responsive and you can always count on her to follow up.

Well Servicing