Fei Liu

Fei Liu

As an experienced HRD, Management Consultant and Executive Coach of Leading organisations, Fei is passionate about supporting organizations in breaking through cultural barriers and achieving continuous growth through international cooperation, culture transformation and change management.


Fei is a Management Consultant and Executive Coach for Leading Companies and Business Schools. Her expertise focuses on Strategy & Organization Transformation, Change Management, Culture Transformation, and Human Resource Management. Her passion is to support organizations and leaders in breaking through cultural barriers and achieving continuous growth through international cooperation, not only in terms of business results but more importantly, in terms of people development. Drawing from her own experiences and combining them with the 6-D Model of National Culture, she delivers valuable insights into executive programs, international strategy implementation programs, and culture workshops.

One of Fei’s passions is helping multinationals better understand and navigate the Chinese market, as well as optimizing connections globally. She works closely with leading Chinese companies, assisting in their globalization strategies and developing their executives’ leadership capabilities both within and outside China.

Fei holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management and International Employee Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has served as CHO of Business Sectors at two Fortune 500 companies with a global footprint, gaining significant experience in implementing organizational development projects in multicultural environments. Certified in Intercultural Management by Hofstede Insights (now The Culture Factor Group), she has been instrumental in founding company cultures with global reach, facilitating and defining the vision, mission, and values of organizations. Fei has developed culture deployment strategies and successfully fostered awareness and communication within companies, significantly enhancing synergy and team cohesiveness at all levels while ensuring smooth transformations. She has also embedded company culture into HR operations, including performance management, employee engagement, and recognition schemes, ensuring the translation of values into behaviors. Fei herself is an inspiring team leader who embraces cultural differences with excellent cross-cultural communication and management skills.

She has conducted culture workshops in over 10 countries, including Switzerland, USA, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, and South Africa, drawing from her experiences working and studying in various countries, including China, Switzerland, Denmark, the UK, and Singapore. Fei is deeply passionate about cross-cultural management and communication and serves as a cross-cultural ambassador. With extensive exposure to intercultural environments and a profound understanding of the value of embracing cultural differences, Fei delivers highly recognized Intercultural Management Courses. Her insights on enhancing cooperation between Eastern and Western cultures play a vital role in the business outcomes of the clients she supports.

Her individual coaching sessions for international managers facing new business challenges in China or Chinese managers leading international teams or venturing into new markets abroad have been highly valued and appreciated.

Other certifications

  • Certificate in facilitating and designing workshops with LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
  • ICF Executive Coaching

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Organisational Leadership, Change Management, Culture Change and Transition


Human Resources, Management, Food and Agriculture, Marketing and Consumer Goods


Intercultural Management

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China, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark


Chinese, English

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