Linda Hui Yang


Linda is an energetic educator with a PhD in intercultural studies who brings dynamism to every discussion. She works hard to effectively enhance the performance of individuals and teams across disciplines, cultures and borders. Linda is well known for engaging training and out-of-the-box thinking


Linda is an Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights with over 24 years’ experience working in China, U.K. and Ireland. She has extensive experience in delivering intercultural consultancy and training to diverse participants from more than 76 nationalities from business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, business service, financial service, IT, engineering as well as students (undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, EMBA, PhD), postdoctoral researchers, staff, and faculty members in the higher education sector.

As an in-demand facilitator, Linda is known for combining her research expertise and innovative and engaging approach with practical experience gained from working with colleagues from more than 100 countries, delivering effective intercultural consulting and training.

Linda is the Programme Director and creator of the award-wining Intercultural Development Programme (ICD) at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin. She is also an Advisor for British Council in the U.K.

Linda holds a Ph.D. degree in Intercultural Studies from Durham University and a M.A. degree in Applied Linguistics from King’s College London, U.K. Her focus includes:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Intercultural competence
  • Intercultural management
  • Intercultural conflict management
  • Multicultural teams (in-person, virtual & hybrid)
  • Teaching diverse students* (specific to higher education)

Linda also lived in France and worked for UNESCO. She has travelled extensively while working as an academic and consultant, providing training and sharing research globally.



Intercultural Development for Future Business Leaders, 48th Annual Partnership in International Management (PIM) Conference, 2021

Panel member:
Cultural Perspectives on Global Issues, Keith Sherin Global Leaders Virtual Program, 2021.

A question of attitude: Becoming culturally intelligent, UCD Business Impact Podcast 2021


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Honours and Awards

  • AMBA & BGA Excellence Award 2022, as Programme Director for the Intercultural Development Programme (ICD), College of Business, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Chairperson, World Council of Intercultural and Global Competence, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Intercultural/Global Competence working group, U.S.A.
  • Advisor, British Council, U.K.
  • Teaching Excellence Awards nominee, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland



  • Team Coaching (University of Cambridge)
  • CQ Certified Facilitator (Cultural Intelligence Centre)

Expert in

Intercultural communication, Multicultural teams (in-person, virtual & hybrid), Intercultural conflict management, Teaching diverse students (higher education), Intercultural competence


Government and Supranational, Education, Consulting


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

China, U.K., Ireland, Australia


English, Chinese

Travels from


The ICBA was delighted to have Dr Linda Yang deliver an expert master class on Intercultural relations, to senior members of the ICBA. It was particularly enjoyable to attend in person, and to experience Dr Linda Yang’s highly engaging masterclass. The style of presentation enticed us to participate, and we all keenly took part. It is rare to attend an event where the entire room is fully engaged, and everyone enjoyed and felt the benefit of the master class.All the participants were very experienced in dealings with different cultures and territories, with a particular interest in China. Our ICBA members were highly impressed with the master class, and with Dr Yang’s engaging delivery.Gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures and behaviours was intriguing, and already I have been practising some of the great tips. Our masterclass was just a morning, yet there was a lot in that time, and I would highly recommend Dr Linda Yang, the Intercultural Development masterclass, and Hofstede Insights

Caroline Devlin, Chair, Ireland China Business Association

Linda is a very skilled lecturer and facilitator, she kept the group highly engaged (online and on weekends!), shared the perfect combination of her expertise as well as own personal experience to bring it to life and also ensured that the class shared our experiences and perspectives to enrich our learning further. Her approach is very interactive and reflective, and I feel that I can immediately benefit from these learnings in my work.

Kate Minogue, Marketing Science Senior Manager, Meta

As a relative newcomer to working with Asia Pacific clients, I found the Working Across Cultures course most informative and expect it will be of great benefit to me in my future client engagements. I was impressed by Dr. Yang's knowledge of the subject and enjoyed her fun and interactive approach immensely.

Enda Meehan, Business Development Manager, Growth Markets at Industrial Development Agency Ireland

I would highly recommend Dr. Linda Yang’s Advanced Professional Intercultural Development Programme for any one in a managerial role. Dr. Yang taught us so much over the two day workshop. The first day was more theory based and the second day allowed us to use the theory, interact with our peers, debate, share insights and be curious. Dr. Yang explored every question and guided us to the right answer while sharing her insights with us. The scenarios allowed us to put our learnings into practice. Dr. Yang created a safe space for us to move outside of our comfort zones and assume roles/behaviours that would typically be alien to us. Dr. Yang’s high energy, positivity and encouragement allowed us to be ourselves and learn through a number of role plays with a few giggles along the way.

Clair Daly, Head of People at Quintain Ltd.

EURAXESS Ireland had an honour to host Dr. Linda Yang as an expert delivering a virtual masterclass ‘Communicate Interculturally' for an international group of researchers in Ireland with exceptional passion and enthusiasm. Linda led the workshop in a warm, engaging, and creative way. She is great at drawing people out and getting ideas from them. The participants were given an engaging class that not only looked at the communication barriers a foreign researcher can encounter in the Irish academic environment, but also offered a range of helpful ideas and techniques for an effective communication they can easily put in practice. This was an excellent workshop, delivered by a real professional in the field.

Magdalena Wislocka, Head of EURAXESS, European Commission

We recently invited Dr. Linda Yang to deliver a workshop for our faculty on the topic of Intercultural Teaching Competence at the T&L Intercultural Learning symposium. With a great combination of scholarly expertise, professionalism and her wonderful dynamism as a presenter, Dr. Yang delivered a truly outstanding interactive workshop. It has been a pleasure working with Linda, her passion for intercultural education is inspiring.

Dr. Sheena Hyland, Assistant Professor in Educational Development, University College Dublin