Monica Angst

Monica Angst

For 20 years, as an expat, these experiences have taught me the importance of adaptability and cultural awareness, especially when starting in a new city or new workplace. Just as mise en place is crucial in cooking, cultural awareness is essential in international life and work.


Just as mise en place is crucial in cooking, cultural awareness is essential in international life. This mindset has shaped my perception both personally and professionally.

For this reason, I founded my own company CultureNow and offer my Know-how and Do-how in various areas to build bridges.

With my coaching certification from the Co-Active Training Institute and my certification as an Associated Practitioner from The Culture Factor Group, I am well-equipped to support businesses, executives, employees, and their families or working with multicultural teams in cultural matters.

My strength lies in my experience with different cultures and new beginnings. My goal is to promote cultural awareness in organizations and their employees.

I work with international companies through keynote speeches, workshops, and programs to enhance understanding of cultures and improve conflict-free communication.

With employees being sent abroad, I offer a 4-stage program:

  1. Evaluation: Assessing the current situation, clarifying expectations, weighing opportunities, understanding consequences
  2. Boarding: Cultural and organizational preparation
  3. Landing: Support in the initial steps in the destination country, coaching for cultural ups and downs, crisis management
  4. Integration: Personal and professional development, encouragement, and support for new challenges


I also use the Organisational Culture Transformation tool to help companies understand their current culture and their employees' relationship with the company, and together, we chart a path towards the desired culture that better supports the strategy.

Prior to this, I managed a dental clinic with a medical-economic background (Bachelor's degree) as a second-generation family business. The changes in healthcare and the evolving demands of patients required enthusiasm, new ideas, and a clear strategy.

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Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture, Trust

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