Okey Okere

Highly experienced Knowledge Services Professional. Management Consulting experience includes Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture, Business Analysis, Strategy, Finance, Credit/Risk Analysis and Investment Research & Advisory.


Okey Okere is an experienced Knowledge Services Professional with over 20 years’ experience. His Management Consulting experience includes Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture, Business Analysis, Strategy, Finance, Credit/Risk Analysis and Investment Research & Advisory.

He was an analyst with one of Nigeria’s leading consulting firms, Agusto & Co Limited. Leveraging his research and consulting experience, he worked with other firms in Nigeria’s Financial Services, Telecoms & ICT and Food & Beverages sectors. He also served as the pioneer Chief Operating Officer of Agusto Consulting Limited (the training and consulting subsidiary of Agusto & Co Limited) between 2014 and 2018.

He led consulting projects for Banks across West Africa, helping them to build risk models to aid lending decisions. He was also the key resource in the Growth and Employment for States (GEMS3) programme for the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), which was sponsored by the UK Department for International Development (DFID / UKAID).

Okey has also assisted several clients in identifying and implementing winning strategies for sustainable growth, using such tools as the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and the Blue Ocean Strategy. He has also provided organisational development services using the tools of Hofstede Insights (now The Culture Factor Group), to help businesses to understand their current culture, explore ways to shape and align same with their strategies and to integrate and strengthen their teams to achieve strategic objectives. Also, he designs and facilitates training programmes in his areas of expertise for different organisations in West Africa.

In September 2018, Okey became an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights (now The Culture Factor Group), after the organisation certified him as an accredited practitioner for both Organisational Culture (OC) and Intercultural Management (ICM). Currently, he works as the Country Manager / Chief Executive Officer of Hofstede Insights Nigeria (now The Culture Factor Africa) – the group’s first office in Africa. In his capacity as a valued resource with Hofstede Insights, he has delivered training programmes on diversity and inclusiveness, intercultural management and organisational culture in Nigeria, Cameroon, Belgium and Germany.

Okey has a bachelor’s degree (B. Tech) from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) Nigeria, where he also took postgraduate studies in Management and Finance. He has an action-learning based MBA (graduating Magna Cum Laude, with the highest score in the University’s English language MBA) from Business School Netherlands (Buren, Netherlands). He also obtained a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from the same university.

Okey is a native English speaker. He speaks two Nigerian languages and can converse in basic French.



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Change management, Culture change and transition, Intercultural competence


Marketing and Consumer Goods, Finance and Insurances, Consulting


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

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Nigeria and Ghana


English, Igbo, Yoruba

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At this occasion, you honoured us with contributing to the relevance of our activities. I would like to personally thank you for your motivation and enthusiasm in animating the excellent conference and Masterclass “Leading your Business to growth”. We have received very positive feedback from participants and consider this activity a success.

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