Philip Sjögren

A diplomat, not only by profession but also by character, Philip works across and between cultures, supporting clients in their efforts to define, develop and optimise their corporate cultures.


At the time of writing this, Philip is involved in a project whereby a major French company, with distinct and quite unique corporate culture, is integrating several entities it recently purchased in the Nordic region. Philip’s role is facilitating workshops that are designed to help Nordic managers grasp the desired corporate culture, while also translating it into their local context.

Philip’s professional experience has two components. The first dates back to the early 1990:s when he served as a diplomat for the Swedish Foreign Service for five years. His assignments included working on UN-related topics in Vienna, Geneva and New York, as well as being one of the first Swedish diplomats working in the European Commission when Sweden had just decided to join the EU.

In 1995, he moved to the second component of his experience: management consulting, which he has done ever since. He learnt the trade for five years as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company. In 2000, still in management consulting, he moved into leadership and culture development.

Eventually, in 2018, he joined Stardust Consulting, a boutique consultancy based in Stockholm, where he combines strategic talent management with cultural understanding, as in the case with the French client expanding in the Nordics. It is all about understanding cultures, both national and corporate, to convey insights to managers and leaders for them to work more efficiently together toward their strategic objectives.

With 25 years as a management consultant Philip has worked in “most” industries and in some 40 countries ranging from Iceland to Chile, and from Indonesia to the USA. His clients range from small local companies to major corporations such as L’Oréal, Electrolux, Volvo, Stora Enso, Engie, VINCI Energies, and many more.

Expert in

Leadership development, Organisational leadership, Culture change and transition


Government and Supranational, Consulting


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

Sweden, France, USA, Venezuela


Swedish, French, English, German, Spanish

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I have worked with Philip in exciting projects, and his professionalism, relationship skills, strategic grasp of global business, deep experience of leadership development and understanding of cultures is second to none.

Alexander Crawford, Facilitator and Learning Process Designer