Pia Kähärä

Pia’s mission is to make managers and leaders culturally competent to improve their success rate in global business. She is specialized in Intercultural management, organizational culture and change, and has 25+ years of experience in business with Russia and Russian speaking countries.


Pia’s expertise lies in developing and managing sales and distribution channel cooperation of exporting companies, especially in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Having been in business with Russia for more than 20 years and consulted companies from various industries (from cosmetics and food to IT and machinery) in their go-to-market efforts and business development for 10 years, she has realized that the lack of cultural competence is often the deal-breaker. She joined Hofstede Insights in 2017 to fulfil her mission to make managers and leaders culturally competent to improve their success rate in global business.

Pia has conducted workshops for hundreds of managers to improve their leadership and management, and also sales, customer service and team performance in different cultures. During the year 2019, she concentrated on mastering Huib Wursten’s 7 Mental Images model (clustering countries based on the Hofstede dimension combinations) reducing the complexity for working with the around 200 cultures in the world and laying the groundwork for finding compromise solutions between standardization and adaptation for organizations’ operations. Organizational culture and change facilitation connected to the multicultural environment is also close to her heart.

Pia holds an MBA from the London South Bank University and M.Sc. in Russian translation and interpretation from the University of Eastern Finland.

Before her consultancy career Pia worked, for example, as Regional manager and ExPat Head of Moscow representative office managing a multicultural team in mobile sector for 4 years and Unit and Project Director in a marketing agency for 3 years. She has studied, worked or lived in Moscow, Almaty and London.


LinkedIn articles

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/piakahara/detail/recent-activity/posts/


  • The 7 Mental Images of National Culture: Leading and Managing in a Globalized World (author Huib Wursten, editors: Erika Visser and Pia Kähärä)

Expert in

Change management, Intercultural competence, Sales and distribution channel development and management


Marketing and Consumer Goods, IT and Telecommunications, Management, Consulting


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland


English, Russian, Finnish

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Pia was one of the invited speakers at our seminar on Russian-Finnish business culture. It’s an important topic as Russian companies are the key partners of a major investment project in Finnish energy market. Localization and understanding cultural differences are crucial to successful project implementation and fruitful business. Pia presented with confidence based on research and her broad experience in refreshing manner. We knew that 1 hour was too short for the topic but she gave us a good start/recap as agreed.