Pierce Geng

Pierce Geng

With years of hands-on experience in change management and HR, Pierce has deep insights into types of management philosophy/tooling. His experience stretches from Global leading companies to start-ups, from traditional industries (auto/chemical) to fast-iterating industries (TMT/education).


As a Director of HR, Pierce’s expertise lies in the design of management tooling such as goal and process management, performance management and incentive designing. Understanding culture is the factor behind organizational effectiveness, Pierce joined Hofstede Insights as an Associated Practitioner in 2023.

Pierce holds a master's degree from the University of Leeds, UK, and has worked in the UN of Vienna, Austria. He is certified in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture with Hofstede Insights, also certified as HRM of MORHSS, China.

Pierce has experienced industry-leading M&A projects and has facilitated more than 9000 employees across Asia Pacific with different cultural backgrounds. Pierce has also created a tailor-made HR management scheme for 3 start-ups in various industries.

Before joining Hofstede Insights, Pierce worked as director for Jiliguala (China's Leading Ed-tech), SimnovaBio (US-China Biotch) and Riot Games (Global Leading Video Game Company). He also worked as HR in Dow Chemical Asia Pacific, and Mercedes-Benz Auto, Beijing.

Other certifications

  • Level 3 Certified HRM, MOHRSS China

Expert in

Project Management, Organisational Leadership, Mergers and Acquisitions


Manufacturing, IT and Telecommunications, Human Resources, Chemical industry


Intercultural Management

Worked and lived in



Chinese, English

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