Sophie Lafleur

Sophie Lafleur

Sophie supports businesses, organisations and individuals with projects in adapting to present and future needs by learning to adjust mindsets, develop intercultural competence and personal behaviour.


Human contact is the governing principle of both my life and my professional activity. My first job as a hydrogeologist took me to Africa placing me in direct contact with populations that were often poor, but rich in energy and enthusiasm. In situations of war, it was important to be able to identify glimmers of hope: a child’s smile, a woman’s bravery, a man’s gesture of generosity. This strength has led me to a better understanding of who we are, what motivates us and enables us to live together in harmony, or not, as may be the case.

Today's businesses need this understanding. Our job is to help them in this task of cohabitation in which each individual counts and where the dynamics of the whole become determining factors. Self-knowledge, knowledge of others, communication, transparency, and recognition are the driving forces behind living together, which we help implement, develop, and integrate into the values of the company itself.

Change is upon us and is accelerating exponentially. The 21st century feels both uncomfortable yet enthusiastic; companies must be able to quickly adapt with agility to fluctuating economic environments, the blending of generations and cultures, as well as to the advanced integration of new technologies. The central element of this evolution is the man who must possess a keen self-knowledge capable of using all of his potential in the pursuit of his future.

My work is heavily centered around companies of all sizes and all sectors, contributing to get things done with listening, engagement, creativity and humour.


Other Certifications

  • 2019    Change Management (ADKAR - Prosci (Nexum – Bruxelles)
  • 2017    Communication & Dynamics of motivations (INC - Bruxelles)
  • 2016    Systemic and strategic therapy (Institute Gregory Bateson)
  • 2015    Assessment Accreditation HayGroup & DISC® Certification
  • 2015     Neuro Linguistic Programming (Institut Ressources – Liège)
  • 2014    Systemic (Malarewicz – Bruxelles)
  • 2012    Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (DetegoGroup – Liège)
  • 2011    Neurocognitive and behavioral approach & Biosystemic (INC)
  • 2010    Training of trainers (BIEF – Louvain-La-Neuve)
  • 2009    The essential in the Human Resources Mgmt (Cegos – Paris)


Honours and awards

  • Female Board Pool Luxembourg

Expert in

Leadership Development, Organisational Leadership, Intercultural Competence


Human Resources, Management, Education, Development cooperation


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

Luxembourg, Burundi, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa


French, English

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Sophie Lafleur did an amazing job during our Workshop. Her analyzing skills are impressive and in a very short time, she has been able to give us tools to understand better our way to interact inside a team (and impact of those interactions between us). We left this workshop with a better comprehension of each other, company culture and a different approach of what has to be done / what could be done to improve our work as a team! After few weeks/months, results are already there. I highly recommend!

Romain Nerriere - Sales and Sourcing Specialist