Steffi Necheva

Steffi Necheva

Steffi is helping companies transform cultural diversity into a competitive advantage by decoding differences in consumer and employee behaviours that are deeply rooted in culture.


Steffi provides expertise in national and consumer culture, and offers solutions by leveraging the research-based cultural models from Hofstede Insights. She offers unique insights that draw on her extensive first-hand experience with more than 30 nations across four continents, and on her knowledge of the ways in which different cultures interact, communicate, and make decisions.

Recent examples of Steffi’s client work include the following:

  • Consulting global brands on solving cross-cultural challenges, outsmarting underlying biases, and gaining a competitive advantage to the operations they lead.
  • Designing and delivering bespoke cross-cultural training for clients in the private and public sectors. The training programs build trust, boost collaboration, and sharpen performance.
  • Helping professionals in pursuit of careers in new countries to overcome cultural differences that may be a barrier to career advancement.

Before becoming an Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights in 2020, Steffi gained hands-on experience in managing across cultures. After completing her PhD at Imperial College, University of London, she specialized in cross-cultural consumer research. Her career spans over twenty-five years in consulting, academia, and the corporate world of international financial services. She was Director of Global CX and Insights for Sun Life Financial with remits across Asia and the Americas, and Director of Consumer Research for Scotiabank International Banking where she led multifaceted cross-cultural consumer research projects across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Steffi splits her time between Canada and Spain and works internationally. When she is not working, Steffi can be found trekking in South America.

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Culture change and transition, Sales, marketing and advertising, Intercultural competence


Marketing and Consumer Goods, Finance/Insurance, Customer service


Intercultural Management

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Canada, Bulgaria, UK


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