Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow

Tom lived in France and the UK for nearly 4 decades, He acted as an outside catalyst for change in non-profit organisations. He specialises in developing leaders to step into their full potential and lead organisations to thrive.


As a former Leadership Trainer and Leader of a wide variety of charities in France and the UK, Tom's expertise lies in quickly discerning differences and misunderstandings which reduce efficiency. After working with volunteers from many different cultures and trained teams to explore new cultures, he developed time-tested methods to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding and maximise teamwork.

He joined Hofstede Insights as an Associate Partner in 2022 to further hone his skills and gain experience with Hofstede's data-driven tools to make the best resources available to businesses seeking to optimise their corporate culture and communication.

Tom holds a Doctor of Ministry degree, specialising in Organisational Transformation. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF and is certified in Intercultural Management with Hofstede Insights. He is currently pursuing certification in Organisational Culture.

Much of Tom's work experience has been with Encompass World Partners, a faith-based organisation with operations in 26 countries. Since October 2021, he and a partner in Asia have focused on developing Coaching Cultures LLC, a consultancy in cultural intelligence. Recent clients include KPMG, Camel Carwash, and Dassault.

Other certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Expert in

Leadership Development, Organisational Leadership, Intercultural Competence


Non-profit, Religion


Intercultural Management

Worked and lived in

USA, UK, France


English, French

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