Valeria Rodríguez Brondo

Her expertise encompasses all aspects of international business and organizations, she has lived and worked in several countries (+10years), coordinating multicultural teams. Thanks to her own experience she is able to understand the needs of the client and look for creative solutions.


As a graduate in international relations, Valeria Rodríguez Brondo has experience both in international organizations (UNEP, UN, OAS, FONPLATA, CIC, etc.) and in multinational companies (Evergreen, TNT). Her area of expertise encompasses international negotiations with various stakeholders, project management, public participation, marketing and international sales. Also, she has developed her own consulting company for South American companies that want to expand their business in Africa.

She always knew that her career would be internationally focused. She has a passion to discover other countries, continents and cultures. Throughout her career, she has identified many situations where a deeper knowledge of cultural issues and how to manage them would have been highly useful. That is why, after having lived and worked in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Angola, with experiences in France, Brazil, Peru, the Caribbean, Europe and the USA, among others, she decided to become an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights, which is the first cultural collaboration provider in the world.

Finally, she loves languages as much as cultures, so she is a multilingual professional having the ability to communicate and deliver in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and also has some Italian knowledge.

Expert in

Project management, Intercultural negotiation, Sales, marketing and advertising


Marketing and Consumer Goods, Government and Supranational, Management, Consulting


Intercultural Management

Worked and lived in

Angola, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

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