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As a consultant in the automotive industry, Zaiyan has worked with clients to understand the markets and users from other cultures. The differences defined by culture are not only communication and management, but also the user experience design, which is a key competitiveness for an intelligent automobile.


Dr. Zaiyan GONG is the Director of HVR Lab (Human-Vehicle Relationship), Tongji University, P. R. China, and General Manager of Shanghai AMMI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. His business focus on intelligent automobile research, design and evaluation. His research covers both rational and emotional fields. For the rational part, he originally created the real-car driving simulation platform for usability test. For the emotional part, he introduced the 6-D culture model into automotive UX definition, to show the distinctive user requirement among various target groups.

With the  6-D model of national culture, he supported global clients, including Volkswagen and BMW, to systematically understand Chinese users’ requirements for HMI and other in-car experiences. Based on the research conclusions, he led the team to design and build a concept car “Zhong: UX” for Volkswagen Group China, which was unveiled in May 2021. The design guideline based on culture research became one part of China Automotive HMI Evaluation and Certification System.

Preference for user experience designs varies among countries because it is highly defined by culture and value. For example, collectivist culture wants companionship, thus, a human-like AI avatar is more preferred than an abstract pattern. Masculinity culture wants honor, thus, scoring and ranking are highly preferred by the users.

Besides, he also uses the 6-D model to support Chinese local automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers to improve inter-cultural communication and management when establishing overseas branches.

He holds a PhD in Automotive Engineering from Tongji University. Before running the business, he worked in Porsche (China) Motors Ltd. for Product Management and Sales Planning.



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