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How to achieve lasting change through Organisational Culture

Building Bridges

In this issue, we dived into team spirit and remote work. This time, we take a wide lens to examine what surrounds teams and build bridges between two crucial concepts that to this day remain vague and cryptic in the eyes of many: Culture and Innovation. We hope this magazine gives you a few ideas and some insights on how you can foster innovation in your organisation.

In this edition:

  • Building Bridges, an interview with Eric Koch, Project Adviser, European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency.

  • Doing business in Malaysia

  • Latest News

  • How to Foster a Culture of Innovation

  • Test your knowledge with the CUBE IN Quizzes

  • Customer needs and behaviour in Nigeria

  • What would you have done? A case study

  • The opening of Hofstede Insights India

  • Organisational Culture - Walk the talk Part 2

  • Meet our Associate Partners

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