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How to achieve lasting change through Organisational Culture

How to achieve lasting change through Organisational Culture

In this magazine, we will show you how Organisational and National Culture are intricately connected and why you need both to achieve real change. Together, we will dive into the basics of Organisational Culture, how to measure it so that you can precisely change the aspects that do not serve your strategy and will go through a series of cases and examples, including ourselves, to illustrate our point.

In this edition:

  • National Culture and Organisational Culture - How they are different and how they interconnect

  • Why do companies need both Organisational and National Culture to succeed

  • What is the perfect Organisational Culture?

  • How do you change your Company Culture?

  • Walk the Talk - part 3

  • Case study - Lager role smaller impact

  • Meet our Associate Partner - David Morley

  • CUBE IN: Doing business in Singapore

  • News and Upcoming Solutions

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