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The Online Master Class

Increase your efficiency and competence when working in international environments.

This online Master Class “Introduction to Intercultural Management” is the first step to understanding and managing individual and collective behaviours in an intercultural context.

Whether you are doing business in New York or New Delhi, valuing differences and adapting to cultures and societal norms are elemental skills for any manager and are necessary for the team to succeed.

The Master Class is designed to be used as part of a blended learning programme delivered by The Culture Factor Group and cannot be purchased separately.

The Master Class will:

  • Show you how to identify your own cultural traits, in turn sensitising you to be able to recognise cultural challenges

  • Make you aware that people from other cultures might think, feel, and act differently from your own cultural background

  • Make you aware that your cultural disposition influences the way you perceive others that belong to a different cultural mindset

  • Develop your ability to see cultures in comparison to one another

  • Provide you with an introduction to and an understanding the 6-D Model on National Culture


The “Introduction to Intercultural Management” Master Class is a source of inspiration and comprehension for professionals working in international business, institutions, and organisations.

Hosted on the powerful Finnish learner-centric platform Claned, it was created by a team of learning experts, designers, editors, and business and culture consultants to ensure that it is impacting, practical, and merges perfectly with the face-to-face or virtual programmes offered by The Culture Factor Group.

It is designed to provide a flexible, reflective, and personal learning experience. It enables the learner to tailor the learning based on their own goals, requirements, and level of commitment. Each module includes video material exploring a range of key concepts related to culture and the 6-D Model of National Culture.

The Master Class is used as part of the blended learning programme delivered by The Culture Factor Group. There is no requirement for participants to possess prior knowledge of Intercultural Management.

The Master Class takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. 


The videos in the e-learning are in English with subtitles available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Demo video


Our team took the e-learning as part of a workshop. It allowed us to start discussing practical cases during the workshop without having to spend too much time on the theory.

Intercultural Competence Programme participant

I enjoyed the e-learning, it was easy to follow and brush up on my knowledge.

Anonymous, e-learning user

The presenter is very engaging, energetic and I really enjoyed the numerous examples that she shared throughout the videos.

Anonymous, e-learning user

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