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The executive match

Because change starts from the top

The Executive Match empowers leaders to effectively foster cultural transformation by providing detailed insights into their own behaviour, enabling them to "walk the talk" and lead by example.


In every cultural transformation project, change starts with leadership leading by example. Our Executive Match solution provides detailed insights into the “Walking the Talk” concept.

We provide insights into the degree to which leaders´ behaviour either enables or hinders the realisation of the optimal culture within a leadership team.

The concept of our Executive Match solution is based on evaluating leadership behaviour, but not from a skills point of view. The leaders´ behaviour is an extremely powerful tool to show the way to the rest of the organisation.

The analysis provides concrete insights on the following:

  • Are you “walking the talk”
  • What are the opportunities for improvement
  • How reliable is your self- image
  • Where do we find disagreements between how your peers/subordinates evaluate you
  • How does your self-assessment compare to the external view

The Executive Match consists of one survey to assess team member(s):

  • 4 pages with 44 pairs of statements for each team member to be assessed (10-15 minutes to complete for each person assessed)
  • two roles in which a team member can be assessed: as a colleague or as a direct report
  • the person assessed will be asked to complete the self-assessment (similar 44 pairs of statements)
The process

After completing the Organisational Culture Scan and defining the optimal scores, selected leaders fill in a 44 questions survey.

A report is then generated based on the answers and the optimal score.  

About the report

The report shows the findings on team member's behavior as perceived by colleagues and direct reports and how it is aligned with the optimal culture of the organization.
Respondents' assessments are presented in a consolidated way, no individual answers are revealed.


The scans can be filled in the following languages:
English, Greek, Portuguese (Brasil), Poland, Romania, Russia, Spanish (LA, ES).

The reports are currently available in English and Polish.

Download the Demo report

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