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certification programme

Are you equipped to decode the impact of culture on consumer behaviour as a global marketer? 

Understanding Cultural Dynamics:

Culture is a formidable force. It can either propel or thwart your brand strategy. Many brands fall short in effectively navigating the cultural landscape, often relying on fleeting trends rather than deeper cultural insights.

In today's digital age, where cultural bubbles are perpetually accessible through technology, the ability to decipher consumer culture is more critical than ever.

Introducing The Cross-Cultural Marketing Certification Programme

This comprehensive programme is designed to equip marketers and brand strategists with the tools to decode cultural signals and leverage them to their advantage. Emphasising the semiotics of marketing communications, the exceptional programme explores the profound, underlying cultural forces that shape consumer behaviour.

Designed for

Ideal for branding and marketing specialists operating in global or multicultural environments, this program is tailored for professionals at all levels.

Whether managing global brands or catering to specific cultural subgroups—such as age cohorts, ethnicities, income groups, or gender-specific markets—participants will gain invaluable insights to elevate their strategies.

About the Programme
  • Pre-course questionnaire for personalised content customisation
  • Personal Culture Compass™ profile assessment
  • Online introduction to consumer culture principles
  • In-person five-day course with interactive exercises and live client assignment
  • E-coaching support during project implementation
  • Course materials
  • Follow-up webinar to reinforce learnings
About your facilitators

Martin Karaffa, FRSA:

Associated Practitioner, The Culture Factor Group

With decades as a global planning director at top international agencies, Martin brings invaluable practical expertise to culturally-informed strategy development.

Dr. Steffi Necheva:

Associated Practitioner, The Culture Factor Group

Steffi brings astute knowledge of market research techniques from her experience as global market research director for some of Canada’s largest corporations in the finance and health sectors.

Egbert Schram: 

Group CEO, The Culture Factor Group.

Egbert brings an uncanny ability to address the core issue of problems, ensuring participants can communicate to executive-level stakeholders concisely, and as such ensure emotional buy-in.


Partnering with Motivf Corporation, the course will be held at their Washington DC offices:

2461 Eisenhower Avenue, 2nd Floor.
Alexandria, VA 22314 , Washington, DC, USA

Please note that participants are responsible for accommodation and travel arrangements, with
preferential rates available at the conference hotel:

Courtyard Alexandria Old Town/Southwest
2700 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

Terms and conditions

All participants will receive a Cross-Cultural Marketing Certificate of Attendance from The Culture Factor Group. 

For independent consultants seeking to incorporate The Culture Factor into their practice, a practitioner agreement is available, providing access to proprietary data and a global network of culture professionals.


- Credit card payment: 7% fee
- For Invoicing and PO please contact us via the form below or at sales@theculturefactor.com


More details on our General Terms and Conditions.

Upcoming programmes

October 28 - November 1st
Washington DC, USA
$6200 USD excl tax
Special prices available for holders of Hofstede Insights Oy/ The Culture Factor Group Certified Practitioner (4300 USD) and Associated Practitioner (2500 USD) contract

Contact us

Questions? Ideas? Just a bit curious? We're all ears at sales@theculturefactor.com or via the form.