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Introduction to cross-Cultural management

Open programme

A virtual programme providing participants with insights into how multicultural team members work differently and how to improve synergies among the team members.




3 levels


15 participants

Become a better manager across cultures

Our Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management programme provides participants with insights and practical tools into how multicultural team members work differently and how to improve synergies among the team members. It was designed with the needs of managers working with international teams in mind.

You are free to choose to complete one, two or three of the levels.

  • Level 1 - Awareness: Gives participants an understanding of the impact culture has on how to communicate across cultures.

  • Level 2 - Applications: Gives participants an understanding of the impact culture has on Motivation and Trust within multicultural teams. Provide participants with concrete tools and strategies to improve leadership and develop long-term relationships with global colleagues and contacts.

  • Level 3 - Coaching: Equips participants with the necessary competencies to appropriately and effectively respond to the cross-cultural challenges that global leaders are faced with today.

Designed for

Designed for managers, senior managers and team leaders working with international teams to help them: 

  • Identify their own cultural traits, making them more aware of cultural challenges within their team.

  • Illustrate probable cultural misunderstandings within their team.

  • Share tools that will allow them to take advantage of the potential of a multicultural team.

  • After every session, additional resources will be shared to hone their skills.

The programme

The Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management Programme consists of 3 levels:

Level 1 awareness includes: 

Pre-course survey (10 minutes), Culture Compass assessment (30 minutes), E-learning Master Class on Culture (120 minutes), Webinar: Introduction to Intercultural Communication (90 minutes including a Q&A), Handouts and additional resources

Level 2 applications and practices includes:

Webinar: Introduction to Motivation Across Cultures  (90 min), Webinar:  Introduction to Trust Across Cultures (90 minutes), Handouts, A case study to solve before each webinar, additional resources

Level 3 Coaching includes:

Coaching call n*1: Want vs. needs and knowledge assessment, Coaching call n*2: Your customised plan, Coaching call n*3: Your follow-up plan 

About your facilitators

The programme is hosted by several Senior Hofstede Insights consultants with extensive experience in both Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture.

Dr Lisa DeWaard

Passionate about making a practical difference in the day-to-day work of international companies by solving cross-cultural misunderstandings using powerful analytic.

Divya Susan Varkey

A combination of knowledge and know-how: Sound knowledge based both on theory and practical experience, vibrant persona to give that extra edge to trainings and workshops and the ability to connect with people at a personal level so as to tackle some sensitive and deep-set cultural predispositions.

MichaEl Siller

Michael Siller has been supporting executives, business owners and project managers in times of uncertainty and change: gain clarity for great decisions, lead their teams with decisiveness to more trust and cooperation, and influence organizational culture in a lasting way.

Terms and conditions

The expected time commitment for level 1 is 5 hours, level 1+2 is 10 hours and level 1 +2 +3 is 19 hours. 

The programme is offered as an open course for a maximum of 20 people per group. It is hosted by certified Hofstede Insights consultants. Registration is possible until the Thursday (13:00 CEST) preceding the first webinar. Levels can be purchased separately.

Contact us for more information on pricing for in-house groups. 

Please read the terms and conditions at the link

Upcoming programmes

June 6th 2023
245€ (excl TAX)
Level 1
June 6th 2023
16:00 CEST
June 6th, 13th, 20th 2023
495€ (excl TAX)
Level 1 - Awareness
June 6th 2023
16:00 CEST
Level 2 - Applications
June 13th 2023
16:00 CEST
Level 2 - Practice
June 20th 2023
16:00 CEST
June 6th, 13th, 20th 2023 and more
from 1390€ (excl TAX)
Level 1 - Awareness
June 6th 2023
16:00 CET
Level 2 - Application
June 13th 2023
16:00 CEST
Level 2 - Practice
June 20th 2023
16:00 CEST
Level 3 - Coaching
Coaching calls are decided based on the availability of participant and coach.
It was my pleasure to follow the Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management course. The cultural difference approach facilitates communication, motivation, and giving feedback in multicultural or foreign environments. Instead of breaking walls, you can easily open doors."

Anonymous, Course Participant

Fantastic communicator, very clear, collected and eloquent. As a result of these skills, we maximised the hour for all the sessions. Guest speakers were all great too.

Anonymous, Programme Participant

Really enjoyed the discussions and input from different participants and learning from their unique backgrounds and perspectives. This added depth and context to the theories discussed. Case studies were helpful in contextualising the theories further. The speakers were eloquent and engaging.

Alexander, Programme Participant

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