An invaluable guide to anybody involved in international negotiations in business or any other field written by associate partners Jean-Pierre Coene and‎ Marc Jacobs

“Although supply chains and communications may have globalized, stubborn cultural differences between people remain. The authors have extensive experience and some illuminating anecdotes, but, importantly, they have filtered their experience through established research into cultural differences, and consequently, their guidance is reliable and transferable. Adapting to local styles of doing business is often the difference between success and failure  – this book gives the reader a valuable advantage.”

— Professor David Arnold, London Business School (UK), China Europe International Business School (Shanghai, China)

“The book is eminently practical. It reads like a novel, using a brief and clear summary of the theory, well-chosen metaphors and a wealth of examples from real business life. Read it before establishing new contacts, and return to it when you wish to make sense of your experiences. I have no doubt that both you and your future business partners will benefit.”

— Professor Gert Jan Hofstede, Wageningen University

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Top Customer Reviews

★★★★★ The best book I have ever read on the cultural aspects …

“The best book I have ever read on the cultural aspects of negotiation and even the best book I have read on cultural aspects of doing business around the world full stop. A very practical read with a lot of personal experiences that explains logically and demystifies what we are up against out in the negotiation field. The book is also a useful 360° tool that makes you more conscious of how much an alien you must be to your counterparty as he/she is to you.”

★★★★★ A must for multi-national negotiations

“This is a brilliant guide to conducting negotiations with different cultures to your own, it even provided me some insight into how and why we negotiate the way we do in the UK. If you work, negotiate or sell across different countries and cultures this is a valuable resource which will guide you through the best way to adapt your own style to suit that of your counterpart.
the book even gave me some insights into how my staff, who are pan-European differ in their own approaches and it will enable me to better serve their needs.

It is split into sections describing the culture types, which allows you to dip in and out of the book as you require when facing a new negotiation with a different culture to your own.
An easy read, full of wisdom, which I highly recommend.”