Decoding China

Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese
by Diego Gilardoni

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Understanding Chinese business culture is one of the keys to success in the Chinese market.

The book combines an intellectual analysis of Chinese Culture with a practical perspective on how it affects business and work relationships. Whether you are planning to operate in the Chinese market or you have to deal with Chinese companies in your home country, this book will provide you with a framework that will help you to prepare a culturally intelligent strategy.

Many companies around the world are increasingly dealing with Chinese counterparts, and having a good knowledge of Chinese cultural codes is essential to avoid issues and pitfalls that can often derail a business.

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★★★★★This book is worth its weight in gold!

“This book goes beyond the superficial “dos and don’ts” by clearly elaborating on the most important underlying assumptions, values and beliefs in Chinese society. At the same time it remains an easy hands-on guide for business people entering China, or working for or with the Chinese abroad.
Frankly speaking, even beyond the business environment, this book is an interesting glimpse of how another culture has alternative ways of dealing with situations, and it could provide a source of inspiration for our Western culture which is quickly becoming increasingly multipolar. As the author says, if we are not the centre of the world anymore, we also have to stop thinking as though we still are. The global balance of power is definitely changing, with a major role for China going forward.

I’ve fully enjoyed reading the examples and great quotes whilst discovering some helpful frameworks and learnings around the most common pitfalls. A woman warned is worth two. Thank you, Diego, for turning data into real insights that can improve the chance of success when dealing with another culture. For those who are still planning to enter China, remember that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression: this book is worth its weight in gold to you!”

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The Rosetta Stone for Doing Business in China!

“If you are doing business in China or want to do business there, this is the book to take with you on the plane. It can be read as history, but mostly it’s a guide on how to close transactions in China. The style of the book is fluid and clear. Don’t leave home without it!”

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