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The Culture Portal

Find your way across Cultures

The Culture Portal is your one-stop destination for accessing an extensive array of cultural tools. 

Lead your company towards greater success with the Culture Portal, seamlessly explore and integrate a variety of resources and tools to develop your organisation, your team and yourself. 

On the Culture Portal you can find:

  • Actionable insights on how to manage your international team.
  • Specific information unraveling how cultural nuances directly influence vital business interactions, such as price negotiations and customer support.
  • Hands-on data and insights guiding you in making informed hiring decisions.
  • Data and tools to match international assignments with the right candidate.
  • Extensive resources that go way beyond the country comparison tool.
Why choose the Culture Portal?

Designed for consultants and organisations alike, this one-stop Cultural Platform, is your gateway to understanding and harmonising the diverse cultures within your company. From assessing cultural fit to tracking the progress of cultural programmes, all the tools you need are at your fingertips. Download reports, purchase additional tools, and send post-course surveys with just a click.

Available tools on the portal

Several tools can be added to any of your projects directly from the Culture Portal: 

Within The Culture Portal, you have the ability to closely monitor the participation rate for key tools like the Organisational Culture Scan and The Culture Compass. This functionality allows you to send reminders to participants and download comprehensive reports of the results, ensuring you stay updated and can easily manage the assessment process.


Interactive Maps

Interactive Cultural Maps: Dive into the heart of your organisation's culture with our interactive maps. Visualise the cultural profiles of teams and individuals alike, and see where everyone fits in the grand scheme of things (see details below).

It's not just data—it's a journey through the cultural DNA of your organisation.


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To request a demo or an offer, contact us at sales@theculturefactor.com

Upcoming features

Organisational Culture Dashboard:

Visualise your organisation's data like never before. With possibilities to zoom in on details and filtering the results.

Culture Compass Mapping

Insert your teams' Culture Compass data into the Maps for an interactive visualisation. 


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Our HR team has transformed communication globally, courtesy of The Culture Portal. Achieving certification enabled us to independently launch and plan our initiatives.

HRD, France

Our team took the e-learning as part of a workshop. It allowed us to start discussing practical cases during the workshop without having to spend too much time on the theory.

E-learning user

The questions can be answered really quickly and the amount of feedback and tips received is amazing.

Anonymous, Culture Compass user

We started using Culture Compass at ITESM Sinaloa for our students. Students love getting immediate personal feedback because it proves to them how understanding national culture is important, but also how their own personality, education and culture can show in comparison to their own culture and any other in which they might be interested in living.

Liliana Tello Segovia, ITESM, Mexico

Culture Compass has been transformative for me! One example, I wanted to delegate entirely to my colleagues (some of whom I have been working with for over 10-15 years) but I was not getting them to take ownership to the extent I wanted them to. It was later when I reflected on what I had learned that I realised there was a Culture component at play. I adjusted my way of working with them now and so far, all is going much better.

Anonymous, Culture Compass user

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